Saturday, March 30, 2013

One piece wonder

Now that I'm a mom, Ive been on the hunt for some cute one pieces for summer. This one from Victoria secret caught my eye. What do you think?

Friday, March 29, 2013

charm for baby

silver initial disc necklace-silver initial necklace-high polished-stationed disc necklace-initial necklace-initial charm-personalized gift
silver initial disc necklace-initial charm necklace-silver initial charm necklace-initial necklace-big initial charm-anchor charm necklace
silver layered initial bar necklace-double initial necklace-layered initial necklace-silver bar initial necklace-name plate necklace

Today I stumbled upon this adorable Etsy shop. Might need to get an inital necklace with a "C" on it for baby. Adorable. Obvi.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Must haves for baby

Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor With 3.5-Inch Color LCD ScreenProduct Imageplay-toy

Johnson's Baby Head-To-Toe Baby WashJohnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion, BedtimePhilips AVENT BPA Free Express Bottle Warmer - Avent  - Babies"R"Us

My son, Carter Munro is almost 4 months now and I feel like I have learned SO much about what he likes and needs. Here is just a few of our must haves!

1) Motorola Digital Video baby monitor- This is a MUST have. It has night vision, zoom, lullaby music, tells you the temperature in the room, and lets you move the camera around remotely. Also, it has a speaker where you can talk to baby, (or wife/husband) while they are in the room with the baby.

 2) Britax B-Safe car seat base-   to not loose your mind, you must have two car seat bases if you have multiple cars. The LAST thing you want to do is mess around with installing the base if you are in a rush or need to use the other car.

3) Fisher Price Snug-a-bunny swing- AMAZING. A total lifesaver that our son loves to take naps in. It rocks him to sleep, plays music, and has a mobile that lights up and spins around.  I do feel this is a MUST especially when the baby is very young and you have to put them down to regain your sanity/do chores/pump/shower.

4) Johnson's head to toe baby wash/baby bedtime lotion- Obvi. Plus this lotion smells so good, I've started using it!

5) Avent Bottle Warmer- Works like a charm, EVERY single time. We turn it on, crank it up to 3 and let it go till the light turns off.  It's always the perfect temperature for baby- I know this after testing it a billion times on my wrist to see if it was too hot or too cold and it turned out perfect every time.

6) Graco Pack and Play- We have this set up on the main level of our house, we use it also as a changing table for baby. (our main changing table is in his bedroom on the upper level) I truly think if you have a house with stairs, you need multiple changing areas. Since babies pee/poop about up to 15 times a day! Also we use this for what is intended for- a nap area for baby if we go to friends houses.

7) Diaper genie-  x 2 One for each changing area.

8) Boudreaux's Butt Paste Rash Protector Spray- helped our little guy with his sensitive skin. SOoooo much better/cleaner/more sanitary than rubbing the cream on their get the cream all over your hand and its just a mess.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Johnson and Johnson true story

johnson's bedtime lotion

OK if I'm really being honest, I must share with you that I LOVE using this Johnson and Johnson's bedtime lotion in lavender scent. Yes, it was obviously bought for my son, but I just loved the fresh smell and the way it absorbs so I started using it myself! TWINS with my baby boy :o)
Its a huge plus that the scent lingers for hours, so I put it on in the AM- and can smell like my son all day and think of him. I miss him terribly while I'm at work. :o(

Obviously this lotion is great for my little bug too. He loves getting a massage after his bath time from mommy. After I warm up the lotion in my hands of course ;)

Products worth trying

1) Elf Kabuki Brush - For six dollars at Target, I walked away with the softest, kabuki brush that fits perfectly into my makeup bag. Major BONUS- it doesnt shed its hairs all over your face and its SUPER cheap......... I mean, I was truely shocked at how much I like it over my "usual" $40.00 Sephora powder brush. I use it to apply my face powder in the am, and throught the day for touchups. LOVE.

2) Kate Somerville Anti- Bac Clearing Lotion- This face lotion kills bacteria and treats inflamed breakouts. It helps control oil, and prevent future acne. I find it very simliar to the Proactive step 3(repairing lotion) This has been my new fave for about a year now. Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I immediatly got off my perscription creams (Tazorac and Aczone) and scrambled to find something less harsh. This is it.

3) Orofluido Beauty Elixir- Hands down best hair oil ever. It blows Morrocan Oil out of the water and smells amazing. It has a blend of 3 oils instead of just 1 argan oil like Morrocan Oil. It cuts down on my blow dry time, conditions, doesnt leave a heavy oil residue, and helps me brush through my hair. Obsessed.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Fave You tube find

While I was half asleep during late night feedings with my son (still strange saying SON! :o) but I LOVE IT! ) I watched A LOT of YouTube videos to try and keep me somewhat awake.

So, I thought I would share about one of my favorite finds! Her YouTube name is Jaclyn Hill and she is a professional makeup artist with MAC cosmetics. She has a great personality, knows her stuff, and has great tips and tricks! I mean, who doesn't love picking up tricks from a professional makeup artist?!?!?

Watch her videos, you will love her! I must say- I'm totally hooked, and am constantly checking to see if shes uploaded a new video!