Monday, March 25, 2013

Products worth trying

1) Elf Kabuki Brush - For six dollars at Target, I walked away with the softest, kabuki brush that fits perfectly into my makeup bag. Major BONUS- it doesnt shed its hairs all over your face and its SUPER cheap......... I mean, I was truely shocked at how much I like it over my "usual" $40.00 Sephora powder brush. I use it to apply my face powder in the am, and throught the day for touchups. LOVE.

2) Kate Somerville Anti- Bac Clearing Lotion- This face lotion kills bacteria and treats inflamed breakouts. It helps control oil, and prevent future acne. I find it very simliar to the Proactive step 3(repairing lotion) This has been my new fave for about a year now. Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I immediatly got off my perscription creams (Tazorac and Aczone) and scrambled to find something less harsh. This is it.

3) Orofluido Beauty Elixir- Hands down best hair oil ever. It blows Morrocan Oil out of the water and smells amazing. It has a blend of 3 oils instead of just 1 argan oil like Morrocan Oil. It cuts down on my blow dry time, conditions, doesnt leave a heavy oil residue, and helps me brush through my hair. Obsessed.

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