Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Camera Love.

I work with Photographers on a daily basis. I really do love my job, and I Love my camera. I've had it or about 2 years now and have nothing but good things to say about it. I'm no professional by any means, I am simply around professional photographers on a daily basis(the creme de la creme)......so I know what a quality photo looks like. Hence why I bought this camera.
People are always complimenting on how clear the shots come out with it. I have the camera below (Canon G 10)


I told my little sister that a good gift for me for Christmas would be the camera case below! Cute eh? and for only $15 bucks.! Hm, need to look into the specs though and make sure its big enough or my camera. It would surely fit a little point and shoot!

If you're into photography, PhotoJoJo.com has some cute things.

Loving these prints too:

or these little shot glasses that look like lenses!

images via google
Update: Just bought 2 of these little keychains for my 2 bosses for Christmas. $4.50 each! Not bad at all!
90232739 - Camera LED Keychain

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