Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Orofluido Hair Elixir/Oil

OROFLUIDO - Beauty Elixir 3.38ozOrofluido Shine Spray

Orofluido - Beauty Elixir $30.00 aprox

This hair treatment has a blend of THREE nourishing essential oils (argan, linseed, cyperus)

I DIE. This stuff not only smells AMAZING, but REALLY WORKS. It leaves your hair smooth, shiny, silky, conditioned and healthy feeling! And just a drop of it made my hair super soft and shiny. AND it cuts down my blow-drying time by about 20%. I'm officially obsessed.

I do think this is way better than Morrocan Oil. I know everyone is loving Moroccan oil BUT this oil has the same oil as the Moroccan oil (Argan oil) has in it, but this has the advantage of being organic and having two other oils including in it. No chemicals, just nature. The other two oils included are Linseed oil and Cyperus oil

I feel like you can put too much Morrocan oil in your hair, it sometimes makes your hair too oily. But with this stuff, my hair soaks it up and so far I haven't put in too much! (aprox a quarter size drop) Which leads me to believe its better than Morrocan Oil because its soaking into my hair rather than sitting on top of the hair.

The 3 oils in this product and what they do:

Cyperus Oil from Egypt softens hair and adds  shine.
Linseed Oil from the Mediterranean seals in hair moisture and protects from humidity, smooths hair follicles and glosses the hair.
Argan Oil from Morocco improves the hair.

If you don't trust me, google the reviews for it and see for yourself! :o)

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  1. Interesting! I love Moroccan oil so I might just have to try this out!