Thursday, January 5, 2012

Viviscal review

Viviscal Hair Nourishment System, Maximum Strength
About a year ago, I noticed that I'd been seeing A LOT of news about this "miracle supplement" for thin/thinning hair. I read in INSTLYE magazine about how Reese Witherspoon takes this vitamin supplement to combat the styling her hair goes through for films (to keep it healthy). Lauren Conrad recommends it for hair growth in addition to Biotin and prenatal vitamins on her blog, The Beauty Department.  Also, I've read a bunch of posts on this great blog, Into the Gloss about said miracle supplement. Over and over  models, designers, and hair stylists have sworn by this nutritional supplement that helps thinning hair GROW fast.

They all swear by Viviscal.

Naturally, I was very intrigued because I have thin hair, because of genetics and an under active thyroid :( For years I had experimented with clip in extensions and even would go so far as to make my own extensions. But now, I am here to say that Viviscal is Pretty darn amazing. It doesnt make your hair much thicker, but it really does make hair grow about twice as fast as normal. But you REALLY have to stick with it—  you wont notice your hair really start to grow fast until you've taken it religiouslyfor about 3 months. But once it starts, it grows way faster than your hair would normally. My hairstylist even noticed a difference.
I tell everybody about it. I LOVE these vitamins.

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