Wednesday, May 23, 2012

E.L.F. Eyeliner review

Ladies, lemme tell you about this  $1.00 "waterproof" Black liquid eyeliner from Eyes Lips Face. (E.L.F) 
Yes, you read that right, Eyeliner for only ONE DOLLAR.  Amaze.

I tried this randomly, because I would so frequently be buying new eyeliner pens for my once a day application in the AM......and let me tell you I'm HOOKED by this ELF pen.

I used to search and search for eyeliner pens that I could use for months, but they would always dry up and I found myself CONSTANTLY buying eyeliner. (Like, more than powder, which is weird bc I constantly powder. )

This stuff works great, and is a total steal, which is even better~!!!!!

E.L.F cosmetics sell at Target or online. They are awesome. I also keep thier travel Kabuki brush in my makeup pouch for touch ups during the day. ($6.00)

Trust me, for one dollar, this eyeliner really is Bomb Biggity.  Really.

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