Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Importance of Lining the eyes

I had to re-post this, I couldn't agree more with what Amy Nadine, from the Beauty says about filling in the line above your eyes. It's a must for me!!!

photos + post by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun

"Maybe I’m a bit neurotic because I’m a makeup artist, but please hear my case! All day long when I’m making eye contact with people, I can’t help but notice that they lined their upper lid, but left a small space of skin peeking through between their lashes {even more so than the photograph above!}. This bothers me only because we line our upper lids to create an illusion of waking up the eye, but if the line doesn’t go all the way to the actual lash line, the illusion isn’t created; rather it just looks like we merely drew a line across. So I’m asking you to take the 15 seconds to go back and fill in the holes to complete the illusion. Here’s how:

1.Reach around and over your head to gently lift the lid upwards, giving you better access to the lash line.

2.With a felt-tip liner pen, fill in the “holes” or anywhere you see exposed skin by sneaking the liner in between your lashes and marking over the space."

Via: The Beauty Department

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