Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer hair staples

1) Did you know that towel drying your hair is super damaging? Usually its most damaging if you rub your hair with the towel while its wet. Because of the damage, I skip towel drying/rubbing and use the wierdest looking brush you have ever seen. It's the Goody Quick style paddle brush. It has these "super-absorbent microfiber bristles" that soak up water as you brush your hair. Generally, it isn’t good to brush wet hair, but OVBIOUSLY its not possible to dry your hair withoutbrushing it, so not brushig your hair while its wet isnt really an option. While this brush doesn't get my long hair dry, it DOES seriously cut down on dry time and helps cut down the damage.

2) Macadamia deep repair hair mask- This stuff pretty much speaks for itself. The ratings are always super high for this product and its readily available at most drugstores. I use this deep repair mask about once a week and I LOVE it. I used to get the Morrocan Oil deep repair mask- and I think this stuff works just as well, if not better than the more expensive Morrocan Oil mask.

3) Orofluido- Blows Morrocan Oil  OUT OF THE WATER. This is the This hair treatment has a blend of THREE nourishing essential oils (argan, linseed, cyperus) instead of just ONE like Moroccan oil (argan)
It leaves your hair smooth, shiny, silky, conditioned and healthy feeling.  And just a drop of it made my hair super soft and shiny. AND it cuts down my blow-drying time by about 30%. I'm officially obsessed. Read my full review here

4) Bumble and Bumble surf spray- Okay, obviously most of you have heard about this already. It is basically a cult status product. It is the only thing I can find that gives effortless beach waves without weigfhing my hair down a ton. I spray this on the ends of my hair while it air dries for body and a slight wave. It also works great on wet hair at night. After applying, braid and sleep. tada!

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