Monday, October 1, 2012

SWOLEN pregnant feet remedy.

I Love me a wierd beauty trick that actually works. (Especialy if it has a slimming effect)
and honey, these 7 month pregnant feet have a tendency to get swoolen and they are NOT cute. Pregnant ladies, take notes.
SO- Here’s what I do:
When you’re in the shower, turn off the water and apply a generous amount of Epsom Salts to your feet. Some of the salt will dissolve, while the rest just sits atop your skin. Leave the salts on for about 5-7 minutes (I know it’s a long time but it’s totally worth it), turn the water back on and rinse! Not only will you have fresh, exfoliated skin, but I swear your feet will look less swollen. (temporarily) So, ive been doing this every few days in my bath.
You can get Epsom salt for a few bucks at CVS.


  1. This is such a great idea! Thank you for sharing with us. I am 8 months pregnant now and I def can use some of this! Specially when I'm at a photoshoot, thats 3 hrs straight of swollen feet :( Not fun at all! (pregnancy style guide)