Monday, November 19, 2012

Pregnancy Must Haves!!!!

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Laura Mercier - Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20
JOHNSON'S_ Baby Powder Calming Lavender & ChamomileMakeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes - 25 CountEOS Lip Balm Spheres
****The Official countdown has begun. In less than three weeks I will be a mommy to a little baby boy!!!!!!! :o)   *****
In the grand scheme of things, these last 9 months actually went by pretty quickly. Yes, there were weeks that seemed ENDLESS and yes, I’m currently complaining about my feet swelling up like a 300 lb woman (hello CANKLES!!!! ) and the general discomfort that comes with the last month of pregnancy — but all in all the journey has been one that I will never forget. 

It's actually ironic with Thanksgiving being here Thursday,  my belly button is literally popping out like a fully cooked turkey! Anyways, I thought I would compile some of my personal "mommy must haves"  for surviving these 9 months. 
{Favorite Maternity Store/Brands:} Gap, H&M, Destination Maternity, Target, Old Navy
{Favorite  Pillow:} Target Body Pillow- because you find it VERY hard to get comfortable sleeping while carrying all that extra weight. 
{Favorite Clothing items to wear:} Maxi Skirts from Old Navy, Leggings from Destination Maternity, Long tank tops (Liz Lange maternity at Target, or H&M "mama" tank tops, Citizen of Humanity Maternity jeans, and LOTS of DRESSES from Gap, Modern Boot cut dress pants from Gap and SWEAT PANTS! 
{Favorite Product: } Johnson and Johnson Lavender Baby Powder.  TRUST. You can just thank me later, but you will be a bit hotter and sweatier than the average joe when you are Preggos. So, powder yo' self a bit. 
{Favorite Pre Natal Vitamins:} Vita Fusion PreNatal Gummys - The best. I called them my "nita-mins" they taste like sour gummy bears. LOVE. This way I would never forget taking them every day, they are like candy!
{Favorite Stretch Mark Cream:} Mustella Stretch Marks Double Action- Prolly should have started using this sooner. But my doc said you can pay top dollar for "miracle creams" and you would be wasting your money.......... If your prone to stretch marks, you will get them while pregnant.  So, now i'm treating some marks that have showed up on my sides above my hips.  Wierd huh? Not belly but on my sides! This cream smells good and has great reviews on fading stretch marks STAT. 
{Favorite Drink:} Izzie's Sparkling Juice- it's nice to have a "fancy' type drink since I'm not indulging in cocktails right now.  I love Izze's sparkling juice...particularly the Raspberry flavor. YUM. 70 % juice, all natural carbonated beverage. 
{Favorite Makeup Remover:} Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes   Life- savers for the nights I am too tired to stand up at the sink and wash my face. Plus they are in a plastic tub which keeps them from drying out.    
{Favorite Books:} Jenny McCarthy Belly Laughs, What to Expect when your Expecting 

{ALL TIME MUST HAVE} Last but certainly NOT least: A BFF who's had a baby already! So you can ask all those REAL questions to. Often times these past 9 months our conversations begin with "Is it normal when.........." haha. Seriously though, I'd be lost without her advice!!!

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