Friday, July 20, 2012

It's a 10 review

Its a 10 plus Keratin: I've been using this every day for the past few months and I LOVE it. I have noticed it helps ALOT with humidity control during the 90% humidity days we've been having recently in Washington D.C. NastY!!!  I also found it at Costco (I know, I was SHOCKED too) and scooped two back up bottles up! I'm beyond Obsessed.

 It's a 10 does these 10 amazing things:

1) Provides keratin for straightening treatments

2) Improves styling & manageability

3) Great for all hair types

4) Replenishes lost protein

5) Protects and replenishes the natural keratin in hair

6) Provides protection against heat

7) Balances hydration in hair

8) Adds shine and helps detangle & defrizz

9) Fortifies hair structure
10) Seals cuticles for extra smooth hair

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